A technology that

Advantages of MDBR Digester



MDBR Technology

Advantages of the MDBR Technology



HIT Proprietary Item-Multi Domes Bio-gas reactor  (MDBR) with special features of Multi Domes, Multi Chambers Multi Inlets Multi Outlets Expandable Bio-Gas Reactor.

MDBR is the best technology used for waste degradation, enhancement of biogas production.   And Easy to Maintenance with a capacity of 126 cum to 4536 cum Bio-Gas Production capacity.


Size of the Dome

HIT Proprietary Item-Fixed Size of domes with the measurements 2.5L X 2.5B X 1.2M. The above measurements will remain same in this MDBR technology.

Installation of FRP Domes easier than Fixed Dome due to Less Weight and Zero maintenance up to 10 Years as compared to Yearly maintenance required for MS domes.


Size and volume of the  Chamber OF/Reactor/Digester

 HIT Proprietary Item- fixed size of 3LX3BX7H of each chamber will remain same for any capacity. By using Specialized bricks for construction of number of Baffled walls / internal walls in the digester   thereby increasing the density of the microbial settlement in the Digester .

More than 50% increase in surface are aachieved by constructing number of Baffle walls in the digester leading to reduction in HRT 20 Days and 50% reduction in the total volume of the digester.In other technologies


Inlet and outlet system of Digester

HIT Proprietary Item- Multipleinlets and Multiple outlets.

There is no scum and chocking problem due to multiple inlets, multiple outlets.


Shape of the Digester

HIT Proprietary Item – Square shape Reactor with fixed size multiple chambers. (From 1 to 36 chambers)

Due to Square shaped design the Digester can be expanded to any capacity.


Mixing System

HIT Proprietary Item- Bottom Mixing by using Pump

Power requirement –Nil- and less maintenance as there is nomovable equipment / Machinery inside the digester.

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