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Animal dung, poultry litter, food & vegetable Waste, agriculture waste and any other Bio-degradable wastes.

Based on the type of raw material quantity will vary from 30 to 100 tons.

From 3000 cum Biogas/1200Kgs Bio-CNG to any extent.

Minimum 100 kw (Based on the project capacity power requirement will be vary).

Eco friendly project, with no marketing hurdles, easy to adopt and maintain with zero working capital.

6-7 months depending on the funds availability with the entrepreneur.

@ Rs. 8300/- per Kg of Cng production capacity (Subsidy applicable from minimum 1200 Kgs CNG production capacity and  Maximum 4800 Kgs).

Under Bio-Fuel policy (SATAT) Indian Oil marketing companies are willing to purchase CNG @ 46/- per Kg (Excluding GST) from the entrepreneurs who is having CNG production capacity more than 2000kgs per day.

Regular permissions required as of other industries

  1. Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation(PESO).

Approximately 30 projects from the past 6 years.

HIT company will take up the feasible study of the product in the local market with the available raw material sources, suggest the required raw material and guide the entrepreneur in the required industrial permissions and necessary loan process. Our company will provide technology for setting of Bio-CNG unit under turnkey basis or consultancy basis including the training of staff and O&M (operation & Maintenance).

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