Multi Dome BioGas Reactor

MDBR for Enhancement of BioGas / BioCNG Production


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 HIT – HARITHAM  INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES LLP an innovative technology company in the field of renewable energy. We provide affordable solutions for managing organic waste and converting it into usable energy. 

HIT is expertised in design and installation of Bio-Gas plants by using Bio Methanization technology.

HIT provides the technology for generation of Bio Gas and upgrade raw bio gas in to purified Bio-CNG which increases the fuel efficiency up to 95%.

The purified Bio-CNG can be used as an alternate fuel for cooking purpose in Hotels (instead of LPG), for thermal heating purpose in industrial sector and can also be used as vehicular fuel instead of conventional fuels like petrol, diesel, electrical etc.,

We provide customized solutions with updated technology as per the entrepreneur’s requirement.

HIT’s technical advisory team is a conglomerate of research scholars, civil engineers and other technicians with expertise in their respective fields. Up gradation of the technology and the research on different raw materials to enhance the production is a constant process in our organization which keeps HIT as a front liner in today’s competitive world.

A Revolutionary Bio Gas Digestor

For the first time in India HIT designed and developed 100% indigenous technology of MDBR (Multi Dome Bio-Gas Reactor) Digester to produce biogas from 100 Cubic Meters to any required capacity

Our BioGas Digester design is equipped with multi domes and multi chambers thus leading to 0% chocking problems.

50 %
Chocking Problems

HIT MDBR Digester benefits

1. Multi Domes will be used instead of a single dome with low maintenance and minimal requirement of skilled operators to run the unit.

49 %
No Power Required

2. Zero Power required to run main digester unit

0 %
More Bio Gas

3. In our technology the hydrolysis process starts at primary digester level itself. Hence 10-15% more Biogas will be produced than conventional digesters.

4.Surface area of the Main digester is increased up to 50% by constructing the internal baffle walls in the digester. Hence the HRT will be reduced from 40 days to 20 days and SRT will be increased from 52% to 80%.

Less HRT Time

HRT will be reduced from 40 days to 20 days.

50 %
More SRT

And SRT will be increased from 52% to 80%.

5. Flexibility to adopt any raw material like vegetable waste, food waste, poultry litter, Napier grass, rice husk, paddy straw and other bio – degradable material can be used as raw material.

6. Using our MDBR technology we can also treat sewage waste and solid waste.

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